Advice for women, by women. “You’re a woman, you’re a trailblazer, you need to tell your story.”

Women of Distinction Magazine’s (WDM) mission statement is “You’re a woman, you’re a trailblazer, you need to tell your story.” Sometimes telling that story requires seeking advice. At Women of Distinction Magazine, we create that community for women to empower, educate, and encourage the professional woman.

Life Coaching and consulting for women, by women is a focus of Woman of Distinction Magazine. Having a community of women give others personal and professional aid is a priceless feature. A good life coach has the ability to help with some of life’s most crucial decisions, provide sound career advice, or even help with tricky confidential situations. Life coaching is designed to help you dig underneath the thoughts and feelings of “what if’s” and manifest them into possibilities.

Along the same lines of life coaching, mentorship is another valuable tool. Mentoring is a relationship based on career building and personal development from someone who has worked or experienced a life similar to the one you want to lead. These relationships provide a safe environment where the mentoree can share issues that are affecting her, professionally or personally.  After establishing these goals, mentors can help the mentee not only achieve them, but also guide self confidence and perception.

Women of Distinction Magazine is in a unique position to offer important services such as life coaching and mentorship. Our community of successful professionals can not only inspire, but also enhance and teach new skills to those seeking it.

One woman in particular, Debra Bartz, has made extensive strides in mentorship as a WDM Magazine feature. Debra is the owner of Learn Conquer Soar Coaching, a lifestyle coaching company that provides services to promote health and wellness. The company was formed in 2010 after Ms. Bartz dedicated more than 30 years of her life to being an airplane pilot. She attributes her success to her strong leadership skill and ability to take action when necessary. In the meantime, she is looking to build her business on a global scale, and continue to inspire and educate other professional women.

Hope Anderson is another WDM community member. She is a nutritionist and a life coach. Ms. Anderson founded Hope Nutritional Services, and also works as a lifestyle coach, delivering a menu of solutions to professionals who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Hope Nutritional Services is a platform that provides credible, science-based on information on food, health, and wellness products and programs, making it simple to maintain a fit and healthy life.

Professional and life advice given to women, by women is just one option that Women of Distinction Magazine offers. Our community of established professionals promotes the growth of professional women worldwide.