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Don’t Stress it! 6 Easy Tips to Beat Stress

Ladies, stress is an everyday part of life – everyone deals with it. Letting it take hold of your personal life though can have lasting affects on your physical and spiritual health. If you’re really not careful, it can even spill into your personal relationships with your loved ones. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on therapists and vacations to beat stress, when the cure can be right in your living room! Here are a few easy tips on how to unwind when you’re feeling stressed.

1. Power Naps

Power Naps are probably the most underrated function your body can carry out. It’s easy to do, refreshing, and fairly cheap (unless you’re at work, then it can cost you the rest of your year’s salary).

2. Go for a Run/Jog/Powerwalk

Staying Active can release some of those feel-good endorphins while keeping your mind off of life’s daily struggles. Don’t forget your headphones!

3. Read

Reading a good book and getting lost in its pages can go a long way. Take the opportunity and make the time to read a few pages a day. I guarantee you that you’ll forget all your worries if you delve right into it.

4. Keep your Brain Busy

This one kind of goes along with #3. Whether it’s learning a new philosophical concept, or working on that crossword puzzle your little cousin left in your house, keeping your brain busy keeps it away from those daily stressful distractions life puts in front of you.

5. Enjoy Nature

You might need a change of scenery from the concrete jungle (or suburb) that you’re currently in. You also don’t have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy a beautiful scenery. Head to your local park, or hop into your car and drive to your nearest beach, national park, or apple orchard. Enjoying nature is enjoying the best the earth has to offer.

6. Try something new!

Ever had Bangladeshi food ? Or maybe you’ve never had that Vietnamese/Soul Food hybrid dish everyone’s been raving about. If you’re not crazy about food, how about a new activity? Head to the salsa studio and embrace your inner rumba, or maybe enroll yourself in a new painting class! The sky’s the limit!

Keep in mind that you should always keep an open mind to new activities. Keeping yourself busy is key to keeping your mind off of those stressful life situations. Go out there and try something different (but first take a nap)!