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How to Ace Your Interview

You’ve written and rewritten your resume a dozen times, sent it to more companies than you’d like to admit, and finally, you’ve landed the interview. It’s game time! Unfortunately, interviews can be a huge source of anxiety and stress even for those who have been on numerous interviews before. The best way to prepare for an interview is to research the company, understand the position you’re applying to, and get a good night’s rest beforehand. Here are 5 tips to better prepare you for your interview and ultimately land your dream job!

Develop Good Nonverbal Communication

Know how to demonstrate confidence, professionalism, commitment, and poise. Take note of your interviewer’s body language and respond appropriately. Make eye contact and greet the hiring manager with a firm handshake. Sometimes it’s especially difficult for women applying to managerial or executive level positions to be see in an experienced light. Understanding how your body language can alter others’ perceptions of you can pay off from the first impression.

Research the Company Thoroughly

Is the atmosphere casual or laid back? Regardless of the average employee’s dress code during working hours, always show up to your interview dressed in business casual attire. That being said, the company’s culture can guide you on how to conduct yourself in the interview. For example, if you’re applying to work at a fun start-up in which teamwork and friendly attitudes are valued, it would be wise to loosen up a bit in the interview. Go with the flow of conversation, drop a joke here or there, and perhaps speak positively upon an activity you do in your free time that would help the hiring manager understand how your life outside of work can positively impact the team. Do you hike on weekends? Are you a part of a sports team? Divulging information like this may work to your benefit and make you seem personable.

Check Your Social Media Accounts

Depending on your field, some employers are more lenient than others regarding a strong social media presence. Approximately 91% of employers search candidate social media accounts for potential red flags. If you haven’t been diligent regarding the type of content you’ve been uploading. or perhaps you may have said a bit too much one Friday night happy hour, check out a social media scrubber. Apps like this alert you of potentially harmful content such as solo cups, beer bottles, and profanity.

Ask and Answer Questions

While it is true that and interview is an assessment of your skills and what you can potentially bring to the team, framing the interview into a naturally flowing conversation will definitely work to your advantage. Be genuinely interested in not only the position, but the person interviewing you. For example, when the hiring manager asks you if you have any questions, it could be a good idea to ask them what they love about the job or what their favorite part of working at the company is. This way, you can get a good idea whether employee satisfaction lasts. Moreover, they may feel as though you’d be a great fit based on your interest in others.

Schedule the Best Interview Time

Research from Glassdoor indicates that the best time to schedule an interview is Tuesday morning around 10:30 a.m. This provides you with enough cushion before lunch without forcing the hiring manager to arrive to work exceptionally early. You want to be sure to avoid meeting very early in the morning or towards the end of the workday. In the same vein, avoid meeting when the week is just opening (Monday) or when the week is closing (Tuesday). You want to catch the hiring manager at the best time possible for optimal results.

Good luck!